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Special thanks for donations in 2020 from the following members!


Vasily K Piper Archer II
Jake J RV-7A
Jason D Beechcraft Debonair
James L Lancair 360
Tony B Zenith CH-601
Ken H Vans RV-10
Roger P Vans RV-8
John C Long EZ
Julio M Bede BD-4
Dave W Thunder Mustang
Joseph G Vans RV-7A
Robert T Vans RV-8
Dale W Vans RV-14
Karl G Vans RV-14A
Travis D Vans RV-8
Ivo W Vans RV-6A
Tai F Lancair Legacy FG
Nolan S Barrows Bearhawk
Paul B Vans RV-10
Bill VD Vans RV-8A

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