Featured Panel Designs

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Tyler S – RV-9A

Henri R – Steel’s Glass Cockpit

Garth E – Lancair 320

Dave W – Thunder Mustang

Personally (and very biasedly), I believe it‘s a great panel design. Both vertical and horizontal lines follow the instruments, and there is very little, if any, randomness. It is a very organized and eye pleasing design.

Bill VD – Vans RV-8A

I already have a Garmin G5, 2 axis autopilot with GMC 507 controller, and an Aera 660 which gives me a solid VFR panel. A GDL 82 and 50R for ADS-B IN and OUT, and also use an iPad with the Garmin Pilot app for additional navigation and ADS-B IN traffic and weather display. This upgrade will provide me with redundant ADAHRS data and displays, as well as IFR GPS enroute navigation with LPV approaches.

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